In game type /rules

KiqsRocks is an adult, PVE, PVP, survival server who's main focus is awesome builds and having fun. Anti-greif and anti-cheat plugins are provided.

Your Responsibilities:
A. We provide the Grief Protection plugin. Use the golden shovel to secure and expand your claim as you get more claimblocks. Fail-ing to Claim your property is inviting griefers and thieves. Sorry, but it's just not our problem. Claims expire after 30 days of not playing unless you notify us.
B. Use /vote every day. It's how you get kits, higher ranks, bonus claimblocks, and rewards like more homes and warp.
C. Don't /tpaccept invitations from people you don't know and trust.

Read and follow the Grade 1, 2, and 3 rules.

Rules broken excessively will escalate the offence to the next higher grade. Donators are not exempt or given special treatment.
Three or more bans will result in a permanent ban.

Grade 1 Offence -- Kick or Mute
Avoid talking in ALL CAPS, or spammmmming your messages.
Don't ask for ranks, items, weather or time changes.
Don't whine. This is a pvp server, so don't ask staff to get your stuff back when you get killed.

Grade 2 Offense - 1 Day temp ban
Killing or harassing Apprentice players.
Disrespecting or verbally abusing staff.
Free speech is allowed, hate speech is not tolerated.
Claiming land next to anothers claim or build without permission.
Placing offensive symbols within eyesite of anothers claim.
Spawning withers above ground in the overworld. (i.e. letting them loose)

Grade 3 Offense - 3 Day temp ban or permanent ban:
Advertising other servers or YouTube channels.
Using X-RAY mods (Yes, we can tell).
No hacking, fly-mods, hacked clients.
Abusing exploits or glitches like killing claimed animals or duplication.